Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College was established and started on June 9th 1983 with four teachers and six students at Mae La, Htee K’haw, in Kawthoolei (Karen State in Burma), but due to the intense and massive genocidal attempts from the Burmese military junta the school too was displaced since January 1990. Now it operates as a Displaced Religious / Theological Institution in Mae La—the biggest camp among the seven camps along the Thai-Burma border. This camp alone shelters more than 50,000 refugees with varied social, religious and ethnic backgrounds, but mostly Karen people.

Since then, the school, under the KKBC—Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Churches, has been faithfully serving God under the theme “Learning God’s Word to be well equipped for every good work” in producing dedicated men and women to serve and guide their people. The school has three programs—Liberals Arts program in English medium; and theological program in both English and Karen, which are called Bachelor of Theological Studies (BTS) and Karen Theological Studies (KTS) respectively. The proper BTS program will be for four academic years with two semesters in each academic year by the 2007-2008 academic years.

“Remember your leaders who first spoke God’s Word to you. Think of how they lived, trust God as they did.” (Hebrew 23:7 New Life Version)

See what some of their leaders have to say:

“We have done many things but our nation is not growing as much as it should.
Is it because we have not done anything for the Lord yet? Let’s start right now!”
­- Pu Ler Moo

“I came to Kawthoolei because I believe that one day Kawthoolei will be the mission field of the world.”
- Rev. Jerry Linn

“Do not love only those who love you but let everyone enter the garden of your unconditional love.
If you can not change the situation, change your mind.”
- Saw Taw

“We the Karen people are unique as a people; what we desire and what we search for so steadfastly that we should receive and possess it for generation everlasting of freedom and justice. We therefore are one and our motto should be first of all ‘God is the priority among the others’.”
- Saw Saw Po Karen James Bond

“As God has promised; ‘those who honor me I will honor.’ The people will see miracles through the submission and commitment of the hundreds and hundreds of our young men and women for the Lord’s ministry.”
- Rev. Tun Hla Aung

(The information above was taken from the KKBBSC academic calendars—2006 and 2007).

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